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Storytellers at Heart.

Sincere Connor is a Cinematographer, Editor, Artist, and record producer based in Charlotte NC. 

Sincere's believes that story is told through camera, His passion for film production led him to Los Angeles Film School, obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Filmmaking and also Berklee Music college for Music Business and Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from Full sail University.

I am intrigued by the dichotomy between real and imaginary, perhaps 
Because truth can be deceptive. Currently working on my Master's Degree at Liberty University.

I am especially drawn to stories that ride a fine line between hope and despair.​

I believe video is so much more than a camera, microphone, and editing software- it's an art. We incorporate the psychology of storytelling with dynamics, stunning footage to ensure an effective production; without both, your message will be lost. 

Effective video marketing incorporates psychology and understanding of consumer buying decisions. By effectively using color, sound, and visual techniques, we involve emotions in our corporate videos and documentaries, much like the feature films we produce and direct.

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